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Now stocking at Pussy Foot Shoe Boutique, Bathurst NSW these necklaces are the perfect statement piece. Again, these pieces were born out of the need to use every element of the hide. They are the finishing touch on any winter wardrobe and come in a range of colours and designs. Pop into Pussy Foot today to see the latest available pieces or get in touch to see what’s coming up next.

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IMG_4761Our hides are ethically sourced and in order to ensure we respect the animal and reduce wastage we use every piece of hide where possible.

We often have small patches of hide left over from our ottoman pieces and this is where the idea for hide coasters was born.

Hide coasters bring warmth and texture to the table. Perfect for that celebratory champagne or daily pot of tea, these coasters are a must for hide lovers every where.

Available in sets of four, no two coasters the same.
They are a fabulous addition to your decor.

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Custom metal bases



Locally designed and built in Bathurst NSW, these metal bases are perfect for the modern home and really compliment the beauty of a monochrome hide. They are also sturdy, transforming the pieces from decorative ottomans to practical stools.

I have some large, metal-based ottomans in stock but can work with you to design the perfect size, shape and style to meet your needs.


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This is where it all began – creating an ottoman for my son’s first home. What started as a gift turned into a passion for furniture, jewellery and decor design. Whether it be using up-cycled furniture or creating something from nothing, the joy is in the journey and the unique quality of each piece.

I have a number of ottomans of various shapes, colours and patterns available, but if you’re after something special do not hesitate to get in touch.